Financing for transport companies that want to scale faster

Pay your advances to drivers and suppliers with Loopay money today, you pay us in up to 90 days.

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Are load generators paying you in installments slowing down your company’s growth?

We know that your company loses opportunities every day due to lack of liquidity.

Don’t stop your growth because of lack of cash!

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Safety Study

For each supplier and vehicle

Dispersion of payments

To drivers and financial costs related to banked and unbanked personnel

Adaptable system

To any file upload

Access to reports

Access to reports and integrations to have control of the operation

Serving new customers without using your company’s cash drawer is a smart move

Finance: Cover advances and balances, account by account and focus on getting more customers without financial limitations.

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Reducing your operating costs and making treasury processes easier is a smart move

Pay: Centralize the treasury process and disperse payments to all suppliers of your operations in seconds.

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Reporting and accounting reconciliation

Loopay gives you access to different reports and integrations with accounting systems to maintain financial control of your operations.

Financing your suppliers’ advances and balances gives you speed

Loopay pays your supplier for you and you can choose when to pay.

  • Financial leverage at the pace of the operation with access to working capital on demand
  • Optimization of supplier payment process times
  • Security study for each supplier and vehicle
  • Accounting reconciliation with technological integrations
  • System adaptable to any file upload
  • Access to reporting and data analysis
  • Personal banker 1:1 with each account
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These are the success stories of several SMEs that have managed to grow their operations.

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